Opt for eco-friendly parcel fillers, naturally

Being a leading manufacturer of parcel fillers, we provide courier parcel filler systems and teach how to pack parcels in an efficient and safe manner. We want to make eco-friendly parcels fillers the industry standard, thus taking care of the Green Deal on our planet, in spite of the high consumption through e-commerce.

We naturally rely on paper, an eco-friendly parcel filler , which is sourced from nature and returns to nature: kraft paper, ECO paper, grass paper and eco-friendly WATs. For truly green solutions and efficient PAKsystems. In fact, being ECO-FRIENDLY can go hand in hand with efficiency.

We act inside the box to help you act outside it!

You can find us inside a parcel, naturally

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Is your e-shop ready for ECO-friendly packaging?

Eco-friendly fillers

Protecting parcels and the environment with eco-friendly parcel fillers

Go for paper, naturally!


Paper with a reduced carbon footprint?

Being ECO-FRIENDLY can also mean efficiency

Paper filler production and packaging

Packaging while keeping an eye on the planet’s well-being.


We support you in optimising your packaging process


We service your machines


We provide training to packaging staff


We deliver paper within 48 hours


We think and act ECOlogically. Do you want to act with us?

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Naturally in a parcel – all over Poland!

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