Inside a parcel

The interior of any parcel requires natural protection. Your customers expect their ordered products to arrive intact. They are now paying more attention to whether the parcel and the filler are eco-friendly. The ECO trend is really strong, and the Earth's inhabitants want no more plastic.

Customers are also becoming more attentive to the aesthetic aspects, and the first impression when receiving and opening a parcel does matter. They want your business to offer a nicely packaged “gift”, for themselves and for the environment.

Naturally in a parcel

As a trader, you need to respond to these challenges. Make sure that your parcels are beautiful and natural. Choose eco-friendly paper, which is odourless and serves as an excellent filler for a modern parcel! For taping cartons, use eco-friendly water activated tapes, which are so strong that a single layer is enough. As a result, your cartons can look tidier than those wrapped with several layers of PP tape. For food or medicine parcels, use eco-friendly RecyCold® climaliner™ thermal liners or RecyCold® cool packs.

With our solutions, natural means efficient and profitable for your business!

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