Eco-friendly WAT

(water activated tape)
The inside of any parcel must be secure. A carton shipment needs adequate external protection, reliable whatever the weather. Taping a parcel should be quick and easy, and the tape itself should be eco-friendly, i.e. recyclable and efficient to use. The solution lies in eco-friendly water-activated paper tapes with easy-to-use dispensers.

Discover an economical and eco-friendly solution: WATs

Naturally and efficiently!

Water activated tapes are covered with a layer of strong starch-based adhesive, activated by moisture through a dispenser. They are used in cardboard packaging for double-sided sealing: from the top and the bottom.

Discover their advantages!

  • ECO-friendlytape and adhesive are designed for recycling
  • robustness – the adhesive is strong and the parcel is well protected
  • efficiency – the tape is fed by a dispenser; it is enough to tape a carton once
    (3-4 times less consumption compared to plastic and solvent paper packaging tape)
  • versatility – the adhesive is durable, even at extreme humidities and temperatures
  • aesthetics – neater looking cartons compared to ones with several layers of PP tape
  • customisation – imprint options (codes, logo, date) in white or brown

Types of eco-friendly WAT's

Depending on your needs, we offer 4 types of eco-friendly water activated tapes:

  • Taśma pakowa aktywowana wodą niezbrojona

    Non-reinforced eco-friendly WAT

    Water activated paper tape with basic properties. The robust material and adhesive make it possible to firmly bond the cardboard surfaces that are least likely to open accidentally.

    Choose ECO-friendly packaging, naturally!

  • Eko–Taśma do pakowania WAT zbrojona

    Reinforced eco-friendly WAT

    Durable water activated paper tape with fibreglass reinforcements along its length. Recommended for joining the carton surfaces of heavier/lighter parcels.

    Let’s naturally take care of the planet: our common future!

  • Eko–Taśma pakowa WAT zbrojona Venom

    Venom reinforced eco-friendly WAT

    Venom double-reinforced water activated paper tape. Fibreglass reinforcement along the tape and polyester reinforcement across the tape ensure 100% effectiveness in joining cardboard surfaces and 100% protection against unwanted opening of the surfaces to be joined.

    Go for paper, naturally!

  • Eko-Taśma do pakowania WAT Red Alert®

    Red Alert® eco-friendly WAT

    Red Alert® tape provides protection against theft of parcel contents. If anyone attempts to remove the tape, it leaves a characteristic red mark on the carton at the joint, and its oversized width makes it impossible for unauthorised parties to hide the tampering mark by trying to reseal the parcel with another strip of tape. It is suitable for joining recycled cartons and other non-standard packaging.

    ECO-friendly, naturally!