Thermal packaging

An eco-friendly alternative to plastic or EPS thermal protection solutions for catering and shipments for products requiring permanent refrigeration, such as food or cosmetics. RecyCold™ is an excellent temperature maintenance solution consisting of two types of filler: climaliner and cool packs. Naturally with TreECO!

RecyCold™ – paper liner and cool packs

RecyCold™ is composed of two complementary elements:

  • a RecyCold™ climaliner, comprising two layers of recycled paper with a single or double layer of honeycomb Geami paper in between
  • reusable RecyCold™ CoolPacks, filled with a 100% biodegradable cooling gel

It looks like this from the inside of an eco-friendly parcel: the RecyCold™ climaliner prevents heat conduction, keeping the right temperature for up to 48 hours for such products as cosmetics or food.

The RecyCold™ CoolPacks with cooling gel help to keep the inside of a parcel at the optimum temperature for this type of shipment for up to 10 hours, even for chilled and frozen products. The number of paper layers and the thickness of the liners are selected individually, according to the type and degree of cooling of products.

A naturally cool parcel!

RecyCold™ is a solution not only for e-commerce shipments. It also serves as a great thermal protection solution for supplies of food chilled to 2-8°C, packaged in paper bags, delivered to customers the same day or packaged as a takeaway for restaurant customers.

Thermal protection with a paper bag with one RecyCold™ liner is around 100% more effective than when using a regular plastic bag. When you add a single RecyCold™ cooling liner to a lined bag, thermal protection efficiency increases to approximately 233%.

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