Training and technical support

We organise on-site training courses for packers to help companies that handle large volumes of shipments every day by exploiting the potential of our tools to the full. Our specialists explain how to operate converting machines and demonstrate effective packaging techniques. The goal is to optimise paper consumption and carefully protect the contents of each parcel. Each trainee receives a personal certificate to confirm the knowledge and skills acquired.

We make sure that the PAKsystems are periodically overhauled so that they work without interruption and in an efficient manner. If you need technical advice, we are at your service.

A qualified consultant can answer all your questions. Contact us!

We work from 8:00 to 16:00
Our hotline: +48 17 785 05 05


We supply equipment and paper to enable businesses to fill empty spaces in parcels with eco-friendly organic materials. Should the converter malfunction, we can fix the problem by providing:

  • Technical support during a telephone call with a specialist
  • Service technician assistance at a convenient time
  • Substitute converter for the time of repair

Contact our service centre: +48 17 785 05 97
from 8:00 to 16:00


How to select the right type of converter

Can I test your solution?

Do I have to pay for the tests?

Is it difficult to operate a converter?

What are the operating modes of converters?

Does the operation of your equipment require qualified personnel?

How is the filler manufactured?

How is the filler paper packaged?

How many types of filler can be produced by a converter?

What is the length of the filler manufactured?

Are your fillers of one type or can they vary?

Are fillers made from only one type of paper?

Can converters work in a production line?

What is converter integration?