Cardboard box liners

Extremely versatile and efficient, WrapPak Protector is a great solution for securing and cushioning products in a carton shipment, with liners made of thick and durable corrugated paper. With multiple modes, the converter supports virtually all logistical operations for securing items in parcels: from wrapping, through immobilising to stiffening. The corrugated liners manufactured by the converter are most commonly used in the home furnishing, food and pharmaceutical industries.

WrapPak Protector

The WrapPak Protector converter manufactures corrugated paper liners to provide effective cushioning for products. The filler can cover the entire surface of a box with just one liner It can also protect the contents of a carton against damage during transport. This ergonomic solution can be used for packaging products in a variety of ways: wrapping, immobilising, fixing and even interlacing.

Technical parameters:

  • Cutting method: automatic
  • Weight: 105 kg
  • Size: 61x70x151 cm
  • Speed: 0.55 m b./s


  • Home furnishings

  • Food and drink

  • Pharmaceuticals