Paper parcel fillers
We offer high-performance solutions for your business using eco-friendly, odourless kraft paper, ECO paper and grass paper. Our solutions rely on the use of liners formed from single- or 2-layer paper, or a plain paper ribbon, shaped by a converter, which feeds protective material (paper filler) directly into a parcel.

Eco-friendly paper for parcel fillers

The unique shapes of our paper fillers produced from converters enable a wide range of applications. Paper for filling parcels can cushion, wrap, lock and immobilise a product inside a box, separate products from each other or fill the free space in a parcel. A number of tests show that paper provides much better cushioning than foil airbags. This means it better protects products against impacts or shocks, without exposing your business to losses. It is also recyclable at a much higher rate: around 85% versus about 42% for airbags. TreECO paper fillers fit into any parcel and do not produce any unpleasant odours, unlike other paper fillers. Furthermore, each type of paper is FSC® C162989 certified, which means that it has been sustainably sourced.

Which paper parcel filler should you choose?

Either single or double-layer paper is used for manufacturing liners, depending on the application and the characteristics of the products in the given parcels, such as size, weight, nature and material. Depending on what hardness, stiffness and resilience of paper fillers is required, you can choose from Kraft, ECO or Grass Paper in different weights, ranging from 50 to 100g m/2.

Go for paper, naturally!

Paper filler:

  • comes from nature and goes back to nature
  • manufactured from renewable sources
  • biodegradable
  • easy to process

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