Cushioning of products in a parcel

Our PadPak range comprises packaging systems designed to produce eco-friendly paper liners to protect fragile or heavy products in courier shipments and parcels. Shock-absorbing cushions, shaped from a 1 or 2-layer paper, absorb the shocks and vibrations during transport. The right packaging techniques, either crosswise or in nests, ensures the product remains still and secure, using as little paper as possible. PadPak converters come in several versions, including a compact one.

PadPak Guardian

Our PadPak Guardian converter produces liners featuring 1 or 2-layer paper, which is used to lock and immobilise the items in a parcel. Thanks to its compact size, the machine can be placed anywhere in the workplace. In addition, the modular design of the converter makes the servicing process quicker.

Technical parameters:

  • Weight: Floor 93 kg | Table 89 kg
  • Floor stand size: 61x110x163 cm
  • Table size: 61x87x139 cm
  • Power: 1050 W
  • Voltage: 100–240 V AC
  • Speed: 1.2 m b./s

PadPak Senior

A converter equipped with a versatile system that can process 2-layer paper. You can use the resulting liners to protect fragile products with a variety of techniques, such as cushioning, immobilisation and a fixed location during shipping and in storage.

Thanks to its mobile design, the machine can be adapted to the production line or placed next to the packing station. The converter offers a number of operating modes and is controlled by remote control.

Technical parameters:

  • Size: 94x176x110-163 cm horizontal position
  • Size: 94x100x193-225 cm vertical position
  • Weight: 175 kg
  • Power: 770 W
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Speed: 0.5 m b./s

PadPak Junior

Our mobile PadPak Junior solution transforms 2 layers of paper into cushioning liners, which proves particularly useful when packing small quantities. Being easy to use, the converter does not require special training for staff. The length of liners is controlled by a handle. The machine converts paper when the handle is up; once you have the desired length, simply lower it down. Due to its size and weight, the PadPak Junior model is extremely portable.

Technical parameters:

  • Size: 80x78x154 cm
  • Weight: 47 kg
  • Power: 250 W
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Speed: 0.3 m b./s

PadPak LC

Our PadPak Light Cushioning converter is the fastest cushioning solution on the market using paper. The machine processes only a single layer of paper, and the choice of paper thickness makes it possible to adjust the flexibility of a liner. The high speed ensures maximum efficiency during packaging.

Fully automated, the converter has a built-in computer. You can adjust the height and select the appropriate operating mode to make the packer’s job easier.

Technical parameters:

  • Size: 83x110x127-166 cm horizontal position
  • Size: 83x76x149-188 cm vertical position
  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Power: 830 W
  • Voltage: 100-230 V
  • Speed: 1.2 m b.s.

PadPak Compact

Our PadPak Compact converter processes 1 or 2-layer paper, depending on the packer’s needs. The resulting liners are used for packaging and securing smaller items. With its small size, the machine can be positioned directly on the workstation or on the floor right next to it, so that it can be used even in small spaces.

As well as being small in size, the PadPak Compact converter is fully automated and computer-controlled.

Technical parameters:

  • Size: 51x81x55 cm
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Power: 350 W
  • Voltage: 100-240 V
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Speed: 1,2 m b./s


  • Automotive

  • Electronics

  • Industrial production

  • Medical supplies and appliances

  • Multi-channel retailers