Better Pack Packer 3S

A handheld tape dispenser, our Better Pack Packer 3S can be carried to any work site. Using the “pull and break” principle means that it does not need electrical power.

The dispenser can be applied to 2.54 cm to 7.62 cm wide tapes, with or without reinforcement. It is recommended for packing 10 cardboard boxes per day.

Better Pack Packer 333 Plus

The dispenser is designed for combining small and medium-sized parcels. No electricity supply required, apart from the extra heating function to make the tape more adhesive. Equipped with a large water container means it is able to run for longer. In addition, the packaging process is automated with the option of selecting one of 15 tape lengths.

You can use the machine for 3.81 cm to 7.62 cm wide tapes without and with reinforcement. It is recommended for packing 100 cardboard boxes per day.

Better Pack BP555E

For the sake of safety, the unit is constructed from certified materials. It also features a locking mechanism to disable the blade when the lid is lifted and a thermal cut-off to prevent overheating. The dispenser has the advantage of offering the option of personalising the dispensed tape, which can be printed with a company logo or any inscription of your choice. For ease of use, the dispenser comes with a control keypad, a large roll and water container plus a dedicated structure to support the manufactured piece of tape.

You can use the machine for 3.81 cm to 7.62 cm wide tapes, with and without reinforcement. It is recommended for packing more than 100 cartons per day.

Taping cartons without dedicated tape accessories can take a lot of time. If you want to pack your goods in a quicker and easier way, then make use of a packaging tape dispenser. An indispensable tool, it makes work in many sectors significantly easier. The packaging tape dispenser serves to measure, cut and apply tape to a cardboard box. Dispenser models differ depending on size, type of supply or method of tape application.

A packaging tape dispenser is a must-have in any warehouse.

No matter what your business, a tape dispenser is emerging as an indispensable tool to speed up and facilitate the packaging process. Working in a warehouse means that you have to pack all kinds of goods: from small items to large and heavy parcels. The packaging tape dispenser is an invaluable tool here, making it possible to tape a parcel in a quick and precise manner, with no additional tape cutting tools.’

The packaging tape dispenser makes the work of warehouse staff easier, safer, and more comfortable. Easy to use, packaging tape dispensers minimise the risk of fatigue or injury, thus helping to boost work efficiency.

How does a packaging tape dispenser work?

Dispensers work in different ways, depending on the type. Hand operated “pull and tear” models resemble a sticky tape dispenser. Easy to use, they require no additional power supply. Models with tape heating or print customisation, by contrast, are powered by electricity. Contrary to what you might think, both such dispensers and those similar to adhesive tape dispensers are easy to use with their intuitive unit control panel.

5 key benefits of packaging tape dispensers

  • Safety

By using packaging tape dispensers, you can reduce the risk of injury during packaging to a significant extent. The knives incorporated in the dispensers are properly protected, minimising the risk of accidental cuts. Unlike using traditional knives, there is no need to worry about potentially hazardous situations.

  • Working comfort

The packaging tape dispenser is typically designed to be as ergonomic as possible, ensuring that it does not take up much space at the packing station. In addition, tape dispensers make it possible to measure, cut and apply tape single-handedly. This accelerates the packing process of goods to a considerable extent.

  • Versatility

A number of tape dispensers are universal, which means that they can handle different tape types and widths. As a result, a single tool can cater for different packaging requirements.

  • Tape savings

With precise tape metering, dispensers help keep waste to a minimum, bringing benefits to both the company and the environment.

  • Improved productivity

By bringing tape dispensers into your workplace, you can significantly increase productivity. The time spent cutting and looking for the tape end is minimised, allowing staff to concentrate on other tasks.

Which tape dispenser to choose?

Selecting the right tape dispenser depends mainly on the nature and frequency of the work to be done in packaging goods. When you need a tool for heavy daily use, invest in a packaging tape dispenser offering a robust design and high performance.

For minor packaging operations, a handheld packaging tape dispenser should be enough. Importantly, a packaging tape dispenser should be ergonomic and adjusted to the number and size of parcels to be taped.


Machine model Belt width Daily use Operation
Tape dyspenser – Better Pack Packer 3s 2.54 cm – 7.62 cm Up to 10 cartons per day Manual
Tape dyspenser – Better Pack Packer 333 Plus 3.81 cm – 7.62 cm Up to 100 cartons per day Semi-automatic
Tape dyspenser – Better Pack BP555E 3.81 cm – 7.62 cm Up to 100 cartons per day Automatic

A packaging tape dispenser is a basic piece of equipment in any warehouse, ensuring that goods are packed in an efficient, fast and safe manner. Choose ECO-friendly packaging and select packaging tape dispensers from the TreECO range!