Grass paper

Grass paper, a revolutionary premium product

Grass paper and the fillers made from it represent a revolutionary product in the pulp and paper industry. Its production helps reduce forest exploitation, protects biodiversity and contributes to achieving global climate goals. It is chosen by companies targeting the most environmentally-conscious customers, such as fans of natural cosmetics or vegans, as well as by conscious brands oriented on sustainability. Due to its properties, it is also used by drugstores, jewellery shops and natural dietary supplement shops.

The greenest of fillers

Grass paper is recycled and FSC certified. It is made from grass fibres sourced from non-fertilised, pesticide-free agricultural surpluses in Poland and Germany.

Producing paper from grass saves a great deal of water, generates low CO2 emissions and uses a minimum of chemicals. Grass paper is fully recyclable and biodegradable.

Grass paper: durable and aesthetically pleasing

Recycled grass paper contains approximately 30% grass fibre and 70% recykled. It offers protective properties, similar to those of ecoline paper. It is used for cushioning and filling empty spaces in parcels. It comes in a fine white variety, which, in demanding sectors, provides consumers with a pleasant experience (sight, smell, touch) of unwrapping a parcel and creates a positive purchase experience for the brand’s products.

Efficient and economical

The ability to programme the paper length in our packaging systems makes it possible to accurately estimate paper consumption. As part of our consultancy, here at Treeco we demonstrate a variety of space-filling techniques for parcels to keep the use of paper to a minimum and optimise the processes. This translate into long-term savings.

Optimal for storage and transport

You can choose paper according to how it will be stored: as a roll or folded. Folds are simpler and more economical to transport, which means that you can transport more paper at one time. They also reduce the storage space required.

Tailored to your needs

Treeco solutions for the manufacturing of ECO paper liners offer a wide range of programme options and machine configurations, including when it comes to choosing the length of the liners produced. ECO paper liners for parcels are white or brown. You can choose Ecoline or Greenline paper, whichever you prefer.

Experience the benefits of grass paper fillers!

With our solutions, being eco-friendly means being fast and efficient, for your own benefit and that of your customers and the planet.

  • Benefits for your business

    • Cost optimisation
    • Comfort
      and productivity
    • Reputation of an eco-friendly company
  • Benefits for parcel recipients

    • Being eco-friendly
    • A pleasing appearance and neutral odour
    • Service quality
  • Benefits for environment

    • Reduced use of plastic
    • Natural raw material
    • Environmentally neutral