RecyCold™ climaliner

Wyściółka termiczna do paczki

RecyCold™ climaliners are produced from recycled paper and a single or double layer of honeycomb Geami paper. With their unique design, once placed inside a parcel, these thermal liners retain air and prevent the conduction of heat, which makes them a perfect insulator for temperature-sensitive shipments, such as food, cosmetics or fresh pet food.

RecyCold™ climaliners are suitable for 9 L, 24 L and 36 L cardboard boxes; due to the high flexibility of paper and the wide range of options for fitting and stacking, they are even more versatile. The number of paper layers is determined individually. RecyCold™ climaliners can be customised with a personalised print.

Type of paper Width Length Thickness Weight per m2 Individual imprint
Single layer of Geami paper 35 cm (+3 cm glued edges) - 80 cm
- 100 cm
- 115 cm
0.5 cm 211 g Available on request
Double layer of Geami paper 35 cm (+3 cm glued edges) - 80 cm
- 100 cm
- 115 cm
0.8 cm 298 g Available on request
Pakowanie termiczne
Pakowanie żywności
Recy Cold - pakowanie żywności

Thermal liners from TreECO, naturally!

Biodegradable and recyclable, RecyCold™ climaliners are safe for the environment.